Patient Liaison Group

Patient Liaison Group

The practice has had a Patient Liaison Group since 1992 which meets on a quarterly basis with the GPs and the Practice Manager. All new practice developments are routinely discussed with the PLG and their views taken on board when decisions affecting the practice are made.


  • There are 2 members aged 50 to 59
  • There are 3 members aged 60 to 69
  • There are 2 members aged 70+

We now also have representation from our Voluntary Drivers Group at our meetings.


Since the group was formed the committee members have been elected as follows.

  • 2 representatives from Snaith & Gowdall
  • 1 representative from each of the following:
    • East and West Cowick;
    • Rawcliffe and Rawcliffe Bridge;
    • Hensall and Heck; Whitley,
    • Kellington and Eggborough;
    • Pollington and Balne;
    • Carlton, Camblesforth, Drax, Temple Hirst, Newland, Long Drax and Hirst Courtney.
  • However- anyone can join the PLG (as long as they are a patient). For more information, please speak to Jacqueline Roe (Practice Manager) on 01405 863190.

Virtual Members

In 2012 we established a Virtual Group on Facebook. This was advertised within the practice, in our newsletter and there is a link to it on our Website. This runs alongside and complements the PLG and brings our total number of Patient participation group members up to 41:

  • 16 Male
  • 25 Female
  • 26 Members < age 40
  • 15 Members between 40 – 60
  • 4 members > age 60

Older patients are well represented in the PLG while the Facebook includes more young patients:


50% of our patient list is male and 50% female. Women access the practice more often and it is not surprising therefore that those patients motivated to join participation groups are more likely to be women.


The patient list is very predominantly white British and the PPG membership reflects this.

All relevant changes are continually updated in our Practice Booklet, Website, Newsletter and on our Community Network Screen.

Our telephone number for the Marshes Surgery, Snaith is: 01405 863190

The Rawcliffe Surgery number is: 01405 839201

Patients can also contact the surgery via email or using EMIS access.

PLG Minutes

Page last reviewed: 16 November 2023